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Industry Watch: The Liquification Of Software

The days of software packages are coming to an end. Say hello to what JFrog co-founder and chief architect Fred Simon calls “liquid software.” “Once the number of applications and libraries and pieces of the software that needed to be managed reached a certain point, we started to see an exponential increase in [...]


Industries about to be transformed by IoT

That the Internet of Things, or IoT, has begun to change our everyday lives is common knowledge by now. The term used for this phenomenon may change, but regardless if we’re talking self-driving cars or self-monitoring elevators, the effects are beginning to seep into the fundament of business life. And looking forward, some [...]


Toddler Robots Help Solve How Children Learn

Children learn new words using the same method as robots, according to psychologists. This suggests that early learning is based not on conscious thought but on an automatic ability to associate objects which enables babies to quickly make sense of their environment. Dr Katie Twomey from Lancaster University, with Dr Jessica Horst from [...]


Shopify Merchants Will Soon Be Able to Sell Through EBay

Shopify Inc., the rising Canadian e-commerce platform dominated by small business owners, is teaming up with EBay Inc. to allow its merchants to sell directly through the online marketplace. The move adds another outlet for Shopify’s roughly 400,000 users, though the EBay integration will be available initially only for U.S. customers selling in [...]


The Case for Continual Development: The New Way to Approach Ecommerce

By: Paul Boag In many cases clients can be extremely reactionary when approaching the design of their ecommerce websites. They see a successful site that has reviews, so they want reviews on their own. They see another that approaches checkout in a certain way, so they want that too. This list of reactionary [...]


US federal agencies to publish 20% custom software as open source

By: Adrian Offerman Over the next three years, US federal agencies will be required to publish at least 20 percent of their newly-made custom software as open source. This requirement is part of a pilot established by the Federal Source Code Policy published last week by the President's Executive Office. The Policy recognises [...]


Do Website Engagement Rates Impact Organic Rankings?

By: Larry Kim Your organic click-through rate is ridiculously important. While it may not be a direct ranking signal that's even part of Google's core algorithm, I believe CTR is an indirect signal that definitely impacts rank. And if you improve your click-through rate, you should see your rankings and conversions improve. Although having [...]


Facebook Has Seized The Media, And That’s Bad News For Everyone But Facebook

By: Julia Greenberg | Wired.com WHEN FACEBOOK NEWS Feed guru Will Cathcart took the stage at F8 to talk about news, the audience was packed. Some followed along on Twitter. Others streamed the session online. Journalists, developers, and media types all clamored to catch a glimpse of “Creating Value for News Publishers and Readers [...]


Use Facebook For Growing Your Business

By: Irene Adler | TheTechNews.com   Since an increasing number of people are spending, at least, more than two-third of their everyday lives on various social media, you can also use facebook for flourishing your business. Currently, there are more than 40 million websites that are constantly creating their own pages and inviting users for [...]


Growing Your Business With Social Media

By: Punchng.com IFE ADEDAPO writes on how to use social media to grow small businesses Many small businesses rely on their websites as their primary means of marketing their business offerings but they don’t have enough drive or traffic, which will translate into increased patronage. Experts note that a cheap way by which these Small [...]