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4 Biggest Custom Software Buying Mistakes

Procurement is broken. Here's how companies can avoid the biggest blunders. Stagnant procurement processes often kill innovation. As more companies look to build software instead of buy it off the shelf, the first process that requires improvement is the one where the contract gets signed. To avoid irrational fears, policy-driven blinders, and downright rule-bound [...]


Google Launched More Than 1,600 New Changes In Search Last Year

Google has been busy with 1,653 launches, 9,800 live traffic experiments, 18,015 side-by-side experiments and 130,336 search quality tests. Google revamped its How Search Works site, the site they launched in 2013 to describe the efforts Google makes in search. Google added some new metrics around the various Google search launches they made [...]


ISR Client “Sealed By Santa” Featured On ABC’s Shark Tank 12/9

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Nov. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sarah Blain loves Christmas, and her wish list may be checked off soon if a savvy "shark" sees her Santa-inspired potential during the December 9th airing of Shark Tank. The hit show's producers chose the single "momtrepreneur" out of thousands of submissions to make her [...]


To Be A Successful Service Company, Shift Your Focus To Tech

By: Jason Kulpa In broad economic terms, services supply markets and can facilitate arbitrage. Well-designed technologies, on the other hand, disrupt markets, improve arbitrage and unlock new applications. That’s not to say service and tech have to be mutually exclusive, though. By investing in an industry you know, identifying an inefficient service and [...]


How To Speak Well… And Listen Better

By: Nido Qubein There are two sides to every conversation, and both are essential to the art of communication. So, how are your conversation skills? Think about it: Are you a smooth talker, or do you ramble? Are you an attentive listener, or do you tend to interrupt? Here’s how to master the [...]


The Case for Continual Development: The New Way to Approach Ecommerce

By: Paul Boag In many cases clients can be extremely reactionary when approaching the design of their ecommerce websites. They see a successful site that has reviews, so they want reviews on their own. They see another that approaches checkout in a certain way, so they want that too. This list of reactionary [...]


Franchise vs. Start-up: Which One Works for You?

By: Ceren Cubukcu Here are some pros and cons of each model -- decide which works best for you. You are tired of working for someone else and you want to start your own business, but don’t know if you should do it from scratch. Below you can find the pros and [...]


How to Become an Authentic Leader in the Digital Era

By: Vivek Bapat Maintaining integrity depends on knowing, doing and being -- all in ways that enable us to evolve into our true self. Digitalization is a catalyst for an evolved style of leadership to flourish. Researchers at Oxford Economics note that the new class of emerging leaders embraces a digital mindset, is [...]


US federal agencies to publish 20% custom software as open source

By: Adrian Offerman Over the next three years, US federal agencies will be required to publish at least 20 percent of their newly-made custom software as open source. This requirement is part of a pilot established by the Federal Source Code Policy published last week by the President's Executive Office. The Policy recognises [...]